Green Brigade Statement (05/08/13)

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The following statement has been taken from Green Brigade forum – link. (You have to be registered in order to access it)


The Green Brigade are disappointed to announce that our section in 111 is to be closed by Celtic Football Club. Pathetically, this is due to ‘lateral movement’ which has been deemed ‘unsafe’ by the club’s directors. Our group and section has continually made concessions and strived to be co-operative with the club over various safety concerns so we are left dismayed that such drastic and immediate action has been taken over such a trivial and harmless movement.

The group is currently seeking legal advice and will consult with those in our section over the coming days. A detailed statement shall be released over the next few days and we’d advise all within our section to take no action until we have had the opportunity to discuss our options together. We would like to stress that this is not the end of the Green Brigade. Decisions and hurdles like these will only strengthen our group’s resolve. We would like to thank the Celtic support who have continually backed, funded and inspired our group from our formation to the present day and can assure you that none of this support will have been in vain.

Until the last rebel.

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A follow up article will be posted in tonight discussing what the repercussions of such today’s events are both for the supporters and club.

Please keep in mind nothing as of yet is official confirmed so hopefully both parties can come to a resolution.


  • Bobby Joe 06/08/2013 - 12:19 AM Reply

    GB need to grow up!

  • The Silver Fhox 06/08/2013 - 12:46 AM Reply

    I don’t accept that the Green Brigade bring the atmosphere to Celtic Park. they might on occasion add to the atmosphere, but In general I think they inhibit the atmosphere. The cheers and gasps which go with the natural ebb and flow of a game should bring atmosphere. Also, when the whole crowd sings, this brings atmosphere. So everyone should get involved – we are not bloody sheep, so why rely on the GB. What kind of support relies on a small band of people to lead them? Surely we do not rely on the GB to bring atmosphere; there is a constant noise from the GB but atmosphere? I think not! Their noise does not go with the ebb and flow and in fact is just background noise. They must learn that they are merely the same as the rest of the support and that it is important that they do not dictate to others – for that, in fact, is what they do. There are rules when you go to Celtic Park., just the same as there are rules when you go to school; rules when you are employed; rules when you visit someone in their house. Join in, but do not dictate. The GB were asked to stop lateral movement and to stop damaging seats. Why do they think that they do not have to comply? Why do they think they are different from the rest of us and deserve special treatment? Some responses to this post suggest that we all remain silent during games to show our support for the GB. I support Celtic FC – NOT the GB! How in God’s name is silence going to help the lads on the park! Do these people have any idea why they go to Celtic Park? I am afraid of what the response might be in some cases to this question. For God’s sake grow up GB and join in, but don’t stick your heads up your own backsides.

  • Mercobhoy 06/08/2013 - 1:17 AM Reply

    The Green Brigade are absoloutly excellent for Celtic Park . They are the atmosphere the colour the carnival. I agree they have to follow the rules but surely Celtic can create a standing section in the ground . They have these in Germany and are amazing !! We need to work together on this and find a resoloution . The fans need to stick together and support the club. Lateral movements is a cop out i think as a goal scored or the whole ground doing the huddle is surely just as dangerous . Common sense has to prevail. Hail Hail

  • Spicey 06/08/2013 - 9:29 AM Reply

    Ok, if the Police or STewards came in and closed off the section next to you, half of you would boo them etc.

    Get a grip, sitting up there on your pedastools, enjoy the library.

    Keyboard Conservatives most of you!

    • Puskas 06/08/2013 - 5:26 PM Reply

      Keyboard unionists and their that thick they don’t realise it… Zombies… Don’t make me laugh thick as mince.

      A celt for 68 years and this is the first time I have had to ridicule Celts….. Then again are they ? Thick as mince led by donkeys

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